Rushmans and Cuban Sports Score Big Time

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Mark your calendars.  This October 7, a historic friendly soccer match will take place between Cuba and the United States at the Estadio Pedro Merrero in Havana.  This is made possible by the recent signing of an agreement between Rushmans and RTVC, the commercial branch of the national RTV audio-visual content company in Cuba.  Rushmans will be marketing the broadcasting rights and advertising inventory to the match.

Rushmans has scored big time over the last few months in the Cuban sports world.  RTVC appointed Rushmans to distribute, market and co-produce Cuban sports content and events – both live and recorded – internationally earlier this week.  Just a few months ago, Rushmans signed Cuban sportcaster Hector Villar to work with the team.  All big news in the world of sports.

The upcoming soccer match is highly anticipated by American and Cuban fans. It is the first time for a friendly in Cuba since 1947.  In the evolving relationship of Cuba and the U.S., it can be viewed as a positive development between the two.

It is also an overture to a new era in Cuban sport whereby Cuba will host world-class events and bring its sports, teams and athletes to the world.  It’s a proud moment for Cuba and Cuban sports.

This friendly soccer match follows the historic Tampa Bay Rays vs Cuban national team game in Cuba this past March, watched by Presidents Obama and Castro.  Prior to the baseball game, the New York Cosmos soccer team played against Cuba’s soccer team.

US coach Jürgen Klinsmann welcomed the announcement of the friendly. He said: “In addition to good competition we are always looking for our group to have different experiences and this is a unique opportunity.”

The soccer game will be made available to broadcasters worldwide by Rushmans in association with Pitch International and on behalf of RTVC.  Perimeter boards are available for brands worldwide.

Nigel Rushman, founder of Rushmans, said: “This has been an historic year for the relationship between the United States and Cuba and this match is a fitting way of celebrating a new and positive era of openness and cooperation.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity, on behalf of RTVC, to help put it on the global stage and share the excitement, skill and symbolism of what promises to be a monumental night with the world.”

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