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We provide our readers with unbiased reporting from the global perspective on the latest of economic and business news by industry sector from Cuba.  We also offer several additional services.

We work with a team of internal and external specialists to deliver on client needs.  We can connect you to the experts and businesses you will need in your business ventures.

With over 30 years of direct experience in Cuba, our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you and your company.  The services at the Cuba Business Report are provided by experienced staff some living in Canada and other are stationed in Havana, Cuba. Our team has been successfully employed in North American and European markets.  We combine this experience with the experience of companies legally operating in Cuba.  We refer you to the real experts.  Name your city.

The following business development and support services are provided by our staff and through associated firms in Cuba.

Due Diligence Services:

We provide on the ground due diligence as required for licensing requirements for U.S. businesses.

Media Partnerships:

We have extensive experience in promoting events which take place in Cuba.  We have been both media partners and Official Business Publication for events which attract a global audience.

Event Planning:

If you wish to run a special event in Cuba such as a conference or workshop, we can connect you with the people that have  many years of experience in event planning in Cuba.  How not to do it?  Call up a hotel in Cuba and book a conference room.

Logistics management and support for trade fairs, market visits and other local events (location identification and selection; attendee registration; airport transfers and hotel/car reservations, private transportation for all attendees)

Bespoke Travel:

We can connect you to specialized travel companies who can legally sell and arrange travel in Cuba. These companies have many years of experience working in the Cuban travel market.  Note:  Generally speaking, travel agencies in Cuba cannot yet accept payments in U.S. dollars.  Note:  A travel agency must be licensed to legally sell travel services to Cuba.


Strategists and consultants with direct Cuban experience.  Cuban Market Research?  We know who they are and who can help you with the process.


Need help navigating through the intricate process of doing business in Cuba?  If you need an attorney with the experience of representing major corporations seeking to do business in Cuba, contact us.  We can connect you to attorneys in the United States, Europe and Cuba.

Marketing & Advertising:

A new concept in Cuba, marketing and advertising can still be a little hazy.  Let us assist your company with the marketing and promotion of your business in Cuba.

Other Services:

  • Translation/interpretation services
  • Editorial services:  Spanish to English, English to Spanish
  • Transportation

To learn more about the services and connections we provide, please contact us by completing this form:  All fields of information are required in order for us to direct you to the experts in Cuba.  All information submitted to us remains strictly confidential. Learn more of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  We respect your privacy.

All information is required in order to refer you to specific services



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