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Cuba’s Rising Star in the Medical Tourism Industry


Cuba.  It’s only 90 miles south of the United States of America.  Last year Patients Beyond Borders estimated some 1,400,000 Americans would travel outside of the US to find medical treatment.  Where are they going?  The Mexican option may end soon.  Costa Ric... More »


Cuba Promotes Its Medical Tourism Services


In a presentation on Friday in Havana, Dr. Jorge Alberto Miranda, President of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. (CSMC, S.A.) (SMC) and deputy of the National Assembly said that a new medical tourism service will offer a discount on basic... More »


Medical tourism in Cuba


Cuba is one of the southern destinations offering first class medical tourism facilities. It is a viable medical tourism destination with an excellent clinic/hospital located in Havana. Tens of thousands of Americans have actually traveled there in the past wi... More »

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