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Russian Foreign Minister Returns to Havana


The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is on an official visit to Cuba. Havana is the first stop on the diplomat’s tour of Latin America. The Director General of Bilateral Affairs of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Emilio Lozada Garcia and the Russi... More »

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The AVTOVaz Lada Returns to Cuba


AVTOVAZ, the Russian car manufacturer, has just announced in a press release that the new Ladas will be delivered to Cuba in a matter of days.  This past August, AVTOVAZ announced they would be returning to Cuba after an absence of 12 years.  The importance of... More »

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Russia Offers Cuba 4 Billion in Projects


Following back-to-back positive meetings with China, Iran, and now Russia, the Deputy Minister of Economics Nikolai Podguzov told the Tass news agency that Russia has offered Cuba $4 billion in 55 bilateral cooperation projects. This mega project news indicate... More »

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