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Soberana 02 Vaccine Production Launches in Cuba


Production of the Soberana 02 vaccine, Cuba’s first COVID vaccine, also the first in Latin America, has begun on a large-scale at Cuba’s national plant for biological preparations (BioCen), located on Havana’s outskirts. Around 45,000 people will be vaccinated... More »


Cuban Vaccines, Latest Target of Information War


Those who follow the news about Cuba may have noticed an exponential increase in criticism of the Cuban government, accompanied by an enormous amount of “fake news” related to everything it does on the island. Cuba’s COVID vaccines could hardly be left out, gi... More »


Cuban Vaccines Against COVID-19 in the Works


The Cuban scientific community has continued research and development and is now about to take another step in the island’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world. There are currently four vaccine candidates under development and testing at th... More »

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