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A Conversation with Jorge Perugorría


This conversation took place in April at Jorge Perugorría’s house in the town of Gibara on the eastern coast of Cuba.  It was filmed at the Gibara International Film Festival of 2017 by the American artist and filmmaker Willard Morgan. Jorge Perugorría is Cuba... More »

Gibara International Film Festival

Nights of Stars Under a Gibara Sky


In a little town named Gibara on the windswept coast of eastern Cuba, the stars came out to entertain and illuminate the International Film Festival of Gibara. And even a little night rain did not stop the show. This small village is a magical place with over ... More »


Cine Pobre – the International Film Festival of Gibara


What will place a little nondescript, shanty town on Cuba’s eastern coast that goes by the name of “Gibara” on the international map?  A film festival of course.  A film festival that claims to be “broader and more inclusive.”  Add in some big name “movie star... More »

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