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Can Americans Still Travel to Cuba?


The simple answer to the question “can Americans still travel to Cuba?” is a resounding “YES.” That being said, one has to wonder how long it will last. With the latest manifestation of the Helms Burton Title III regulations – one has to wonder what the next d... More »


Cuba’s Tourism Stats for 2018


On November 10, Cuba’s Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero announced to the press that four million tourists had already visited Cuba. By the end of the year that number had climbed dramatically by more than 750,000, for a final total 4.75 million tourist arrivals... More »


Four Million Tourists Visited Cuba in 2016


According to the official stats, four million tourists visited Cuba in 2016 and have contributed approximately $3 billion dollars to Cuban coffers. When compared to 2015, the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) has said this represents a 13% growth in tourism.  The i... More »

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