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The Cost of Living in Cuba 2021

Updating the cost of living in Cuba.

Our cost of living in Cuba table has been updated to reflect the current prices of food and consumer goods. Our goal is to update this page on a regular basis. The prices listed are in the national currency of CUP from January 1 when currency unification took place.

Under the new economic reforms in Cuba, approximately five million people will benefit from salary and pension increases due to economic reforms. Minimum wage increased from 400 to 2,100 pesos ($17 to $87.) Employees earning more than 3,260 pesos will now pay personal income tax from three to five percent on scale set by the Ministry of Finance and Prices. There are 32 pay scales based on the type of work up to a maximum of 9,510 pesos.

At the present time, mortgages and loans for housing do not exist. Property prices are variable according to whatever website advertises the property. On rental rates, there are two prices in Cuba. One is for Cuban nationals and the other for foreigners. Non-citizens cannot purchase real estate properties at present.

Household appliances and other goods are available in the MLC stores, priced in foreign currency/US dollars.

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Electricity Prices

Costs for electricity for residential use vary according to the amount used – this chart is from the website of the Unión Eléctrica de Cuba (UNE).

How much does it cost to live in Cuba?

The actual cost of living in Cuba. Consumer prices for household goods, transportation, services, food, entertainment, personal products, and housing.

Basic Food Basket7.00
Eggs - 24 per tray4.00
Milk (pasteurized - 1 liter).25
Skim milk powder (1 kilo)25.00
Condensed milk - small can
Cheese (per pound)
Pork chops (per pound)
Pork (per kilo)110.00
Chicken (per kilo)42.00
Lettuce (each)5.00
Tomatoes (per pound)6.00-10.00
Cucumbers (kg)20.00
Rice (per pound)7.00-10.00
Limes (each)
Pineapple (per pound)4.00
Guayabas (per pound)7.00
Mango (per pound)6.00
Papayas (per pound)6.00
Cassava (Yuca) (per pound)4.00
Malanga (per pound)10.00
Boniato (per pound)3.00
Avocados (per pound)5.00-15.00
Bread rolls - each
Bread 80 gm1.00
Coffee (4 oz packet)8.00
Fruit juice
Yogurt natural 917 ml15.00
Soya-based yogurt (917 ml bottle)5.00
Bottled water (Ciego Montero) 500 ml
Soya cooking oil 750 ml18.00
Cooking oil 750 ml12.00
Spaghetti sauce
Pasta (400 gm packet)15.00
Mayonnaise (large jar 500 gm) Brand: Findy
Black Beans (per pound)
Vinegar (1 liter)
Crackers (purchased from the street - pack of 16)
Crackers (large bag of plain homemade crackers)
Sugar raw (per pound)
Sugar refined (per pound)
(per lb.)
Honey (500 gm jar)
Dried noodle soup (from China)
Garlic (per pound)47.00
Salt 1 kilogram7.00
Soda - large bottle of pop
Air Conditioners (depending on the brand - Samsung, TLC, LG, Wellston$350 - $550
Mobile Phones: LG K41S$231
Mobile Phones: Alcatel 5028A$172
Mobile Phones: TCL T799B$684
Mobile Phones: Samsung SM-A315G$375
Mobile Phones: Samsung SM-A515F$420
Mobile Phones: Alcatel 5926E$200
Mobile Phones: ETECSA TCL T770B$355
Mobile Phones: Samsung SM A217M$299
Mobile Phones: Samsung Galaxy:$202
Estimated three cubic meters per person/month1.75
Per kilowat -(depends on usage from 150 kWh to 700 kWh (residential rate) 1.07 to 9.45
Gasoline (1 liter) 94 octane29.00-30.00
Gasoline (1 liter) octane (for self-employed driver)14.66
Gasoline (1 liter) regular diesel (for self-employed driver)13.99
Taxi (private)
(Depends on the distance)
Local bus routes5.00
Movie tickets5.00
Museum fee entrance
Beer (local)
Beer (imported)
Wine 1 bottle (mid-range)7.00
Rum: Santero 5 years168.00
Rum: Santero 15 years2,875.00
Rum: Legendario280.00
Hair dye60.00
Detergent (laundry soap) 500 gm25.00

If you find a price for an item not listed here, please leave a comment in the comment section. We will be updating this cost of living table as soon as new data becomes available.

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The cost of living in Cuba page has been updated today, April 29. Please check the chart below for updates – we continuously update...

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