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The Cost of Living in Cuba

Many Cubans shop in the local "bodega" which offers goods priced in the national currency - CUPs.

The cost of living in Cuba page has been updated today, April 29. Please check the chart below for updates – we continuously update this page.  We have also changed the format somewhat.  Some consumer goods are priced in CUP, some goods are only available priced in CUC.  A selection of Personal Care items has been added. The cost of living in Cuba index was originally created on June 28, 2015 and will be continuously updated by people living in Cuba. It reflects the true price of consumer goods. At the current time, mortgages and loans for housing do not exist, therefore interest rates for mortgages are unknown.  Property prices are variable according to whatever website advertises the property.  For housing costs, there are two prices in Cuba.  One is for Cuban nationals and the other for foreigners.  There is currently limited availability of properties which foreigners can purchase due to regulations. There are two currencies used in Cuba at the present time.  Cubans, on average, earn about 20 to 30 CUCs a month.  Some professions earn more.  Doctors and athletes are a good example of this.Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. The CUC (the Cuban Convertible Peso) is used by…


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Our cost of living in Cuba table has been updated to reflect the current prices of food and consumer goods. Our goal is to...

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