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Business in Cuba

The Extraterritoriality of the American Blockade Against Cuba

What can Canadian citizens and businesses do about the extraterritorial reach of the American Blockade/Embargo Against Cuba?

What MORE Can Canadians Do? The first step is to be aware that Canada has adopted legislation to prohibit Canadian-based companies to comply with requirements by the US that would prohibit these third-countries companies to follow US restrictions. Did you know this? In the words of the Canadian government, and not of a radical anti-US blockade organization: “What does this mean for Canadian businesses who have activities in Cuba?  Canadian businesses that have U.S. citizens as shareholders, management, directors, officers, employees or representatives/agents, etc. need to understand the do’s and don’t of the Trump Cuba Policy or they might find themselves in trouble in both the United States and Canada.  The United States imposes various economic sanctions against Cuba effectively prohibiting many transactions with Cuba.  Canada, on the other hand, blocks U.S. anti-Cuba legislation with the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act (Canada) (“FEMA”) and the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures (United States) Order, 1992, as amended.  In Canada, persons must report to the Attorney General of Canada when they prevented, impeded or trade or commerce between Canada and Cuba is reduced:Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Section 5 of FEMA prohibits Canadian companies and its directors, officers, managers and employees from complying with U.S. anti-Cuba legislation…


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