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Currency manipulation: "It is important to question how a website without any authority whatsoever, and absolutely no official connection to any banking institution or currency exchange market anywhere in the world, can dictate one country’s currency exchange rates."


The untold story behind El Toque’s operators

It is important to question how a website without any authority whatsoever, and absolutely no official connection to any banking institution or currency exchange market anywhere in the world, can dictate another country’s currency exchange rates.

In recent times, a series of actions have been observed from the United States aimed at affecting Cuba’s economy through the El Toque platform. These have generated a negative impact on the country’s monetary scale, which has had an impact on the increase in prices and consequently, has affected Cuba’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

One of the main strategies used has been the decrease in the amount of Cuban pesos (CUP) in circulation and the introduction of the US dollar (USD). This measure seeks to promote the dollarization of the Cuban economy, since the USD is the currency of the United States, without the need for direct military intervention.

The El Toque platform has accelerated the artificial increase of the US dollar, with the aim of reaching an exchange rate of 480-500 pesos per dollar by approximately July 11, 2024. This strategy seeks to generate a social explosion/revolt in Cuba.

It is important to note that El Toque is secretly financed by the United States and establishes a false value of the CUP in relation to the USD. Its algorithm, like what happened with Dolar Today in Venezuela, is not based on solid economic foundations.

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It is striking the fact that within 24 hours there are such significant increases in the exchange rate. This shows that there is no economic or political justification for such abrupt fluctuations.

The ultimate goal of the United States with El Toque is to reduce public spending in Cuba, affect national production and promote the dollarization of the Cuban economy.

In addition, the United States uses algorithms to disseminate El Toque among previously identified Cuban groups through the analysis of massive data (Big Data) on social networks.

It is important to emphasize that, despite the economic problems faced by Cuba, the increase in the value of the US dollar responds to a clear political intention.

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The disproportionate exchange rate difference between the official market and the informal market is due to the high levels of supply of dollars generated, and not to the low prices of the official market.

It is essential to understand that the value of the fee offered by the press media financed from abroad is not only due to state control or deficiency, but is the result of intentional manipulation backed by computer tools of uncertain origin.

The question arises as to why the OFAC does not sanction those responsible for El Toque for this manipulation contrary to international statutes, considering that the platform is operated by Cubans abroad.

Induced inflation is a war strategy used by the United States Intelligence Community, which has been previously used against Nicaragua, Argentina and Venezuela.

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This story first appeared in Spanish on Cuba Debate.

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