The What’s-Next Scenario for Helms-Burton Claimants

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Cuba Business Report’s editor interviews U.S. attorney, Daniel R. Zim, on the “what’s-next” scenario for Helms-Burton claimants. Mr. Zim is the principal attorney at Zim Travel Law, PLLC, a firm specializing in travel law located in Fairfax County, Virginia. He is also the author of several papers on U.S.- Cuba relations. Mr. Zim’s published works include an academic work titled: Straining the Special Relationship: British and U.S. Policies Toward the Cuban Revolution, 1959 – 1961,” (link) which presents a new perspective of the US-Cuba relationship and examines why the United Kingdom was able to remain both an ally of the United States and pursue its own interests in Cuba. He also wrote an important letter to the editor, “Luis Posada Carriles was a terrorist, not…




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