Trade with Cuba – and the Winner is, China!

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China and Cuba Strengthen Trade Ties Cuba’s Foreign Ministry (Minrex) announced meetings held between China’s Wang Chao, Vice Minister of Commerce, Zhang Tuo, China’s ambassador in Cuba, Ana Teresita Gonzalez, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister, and Miguel Angel Ramirez, head of Asia and Oceania department at Minrex. The visit and ensuing meetings this week were aimed at further development of trade relations between China and Cuba. Cuba and China trade grew by $1.6 billion in the first three quarters of 2015, a remarkable increase of 57% further enhancing the Chinese reputation as the “traders of the world.”  China is not affected by OFAC rules or U.S. restrictions on international banks.  The trade relationship has been growing strong since the 1990s. China’s involvement in Cuba includes tourism,…




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