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Travel to Cuba – A New Era Dawns

Tom Popper
Tom Popper with Carlos Fernández de Cossio, Director of U.S. Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May, 2019 at the Permanent Mission to the U.N.

Tom Popper spoke with the editor of Cuba Business Report about the recent changes to “travel to Cuba” legislation by the Trump administration. Although a new era has emerged with a new set of rules for American tourists to Cuba – there are still options. Legal travel has not ended, he explains, there are significant changes. Options remain to allow any American to visit Cuba. Many are not aware and this must be emphasized: these recent changes are not a prohibition on travel. InsightCuba was the first company to offer people-to-people travel in 2000 under President Clinton, and also delivers Support for the Cuban People Travel via small group and specialized tours. Cuba Business Report: What did the opening of American travel to Cuba create in the last few years (since 2015, let’s say), for both Americans and Cubans. What happens when Americans meet Cubans? President Obama’s détente with Cuba in 2015 and the resulting loosening of travel restrictions, the most significant since 1961, quickly made Cuba the #1 destination to travel to for U.S. citizens. More than 50 years of pent up demand to visit our island neighbor was released. Tour operators like insightCuba grew four times overnight, and…


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