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Vestiphobia, Collaboration Between Cuban and American Artists to Début at the Fabrica

vestiphobia-willard morgan
Willard Morgan, the creator of Vestiphobia which will open at Fabrica de arte Cubano February 23rd. Photo: Ideal Glass

The following is my interview with Willard Morgan the creator of Vestiphobia, a project collaboration between artists of Havana and New York which will premiere at Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) in Havana.

Willard Morgan the artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer and creator of the project Vestiphobia spoke with me over the last few days before he headed to Havana in preparation for Vestiphobia.  This is not his first trip to Havana and, thus, as long-time Cuba aficionados, we had lots to talk about – but Vestiphobia is our focus here.

This interview has been archived and will soon be available in an upcoming book of exclusive interviews with Cuba.

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