We Understand One Another Through Love Not Hatred

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There’s an interesting “ad campaign” happening in Cuba right now.

The campaign is anti-Helms Burton. Its message, a positive one, comes from a peaceful nation, the target of the U.S. policy. Under the slogan – “we understand one another through love, not hatred,” is illustrated with graphic images of Cuban life and work. The campaign includes some powerful TV ads too.

The campaign is a message coming from a nation that is not warlike, not focused on violence or world domination.

Translation: We understand one another through struggle not by rendition.
We understand another by trying, not by braking. “Freno” is brake, as in braking a car. Maybe better translated as “putting on the brakes.”
Go against my land, we cannot understand another.
We understand English, not threats.
I prefer peace to create rather than forced submission, domination.
We understand one another through love, not hatred.
We understand one another through solidarity not looting

The campaign is sponsored by Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX).

Translations are provided by Cuba Business Report staff so that even those who don’t speak Spanish have the chance to understand the message.

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