Wrong Conclusions from Incomplete Science: Dr. Mitchell Valdes Discusses the NASEM Report on the “Havana Syndrome”

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In early December we published a story on the rejection by the Cuban Academy of Sciences of the conclusions from the report presented by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine of the United States (NASEM) on the so-called “Havana Syndrome.” The report’s summary stated that radio frequency wave exposure (microwaves) was the most plausible explanation for symptoms experienced by American and Canadian diplomats in Havana. Cuban scientists called this conclusion “a very unlikely hypothesis,” and “speculation not established science.” The NASEM Report is a US government-sponsored report that consulted a panel of mainly US-based scientists. That a report produced by one scientific institution contains a conclusion declared by another scientific institution to be “a very unlikely hypothesis” undoubtedly demands further investigation. Scientific investigation…




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