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Zarubezhneft Announces Successful Launch of Heavy Oil Tech at the Boca de Jaruco Field

Flags flying high at Zarubezhneft, the Russian oil and gas company operations at the Boca de Jaruco field in Cuba.

Zarubezhneft JSC, the Russian oil and gas company with operations at the Boca de Jaruco field in Cuba announced the successful launch of the first horizontal well in the flowing mode with an initial oil flow rate of 52 tons/day. The Company explained in a press release that the uniqueness of the project is associated with the intricacy of the production of heavy oil.

The Company is using an oil upgrading technology developed by the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (KFU) called catalytic aquathermolysis (viscosity-reduction ratio of heavy oil in-situ oil refining).

Zarubezhneft which operates oil fields in other countries said that the Boca de Jaruco is one of the most complex high-tech projects it is involved with.

The oil upgrading technology was developed jointly with the Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (KFU). Catalytic aquathermolysis technology is protected by patent No. 2717849.

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Zarubezhneft managed to reduce the ratio of injected steam to oil produced by almost one half, to less than 3 th/t. This compares with a number of other similar projects being implemented by the Company in other countries.

Since 2011, Zarubeshneft has worked jointly with Unión Cuba-Petróleo (CUPET) – the National Oil Company of Cuba when the two companies signed a contract for the duration 25 years. The agreement covered pilot works, additional oil prospecting, and secondary oil recovery methods.

The relationship between CUPET and Zarubeschneft has turned out to be a very successful venture in development and production, especially at the Boca de Jaruco oil field.

Zarubeschneft is a Russian company which has been active for the last 50 years in overseas projects including offshore Vietnam Vietsovpetro, the development of fields in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, JC RUSVIETPETRO and PSA in the Kharyaga field, and the operations in the refining and marketing segment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Boca de Jaruco oilfield in Cuba.

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The Boca de Jaruco project in the Republic of Cuba is an important element of the company’s strategy to maintain technological leadership in the industry, which implies the creation and development of innovative approaches to oil production,” Sergey Kudryashov, General Director of Zarubezhneft JSC said in the press release.

“This year we have started a new stage field operations by launching the first horizontal well. We continue to improve the processes of extra-viscous oil production on this project and are focused on achieving even greater results in the future. The project involves new developments and technical solutions of domestic manufacturers, as well as equipment capable of operating in an aggressive environment and at high temperatures.” Mr. Kudryashov added.

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